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Precise positioning even on corners

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article image Barcode positioning system with red light laser scanning.

APPLICATIONS requiring position determination in conjunction with moving automatic systems such as electric monorails are almost always solved using optical methods due to their lack of wear and extreme operating precision.

The new Leuze Electronic barcode positioning system BPS 34/37, with red light laser scanning, available from Balluff-Leuze , offers users an added advantage on top.

It is not tied exclusively to linear movements and can be used in conjunction with a flexible barcode tape on curved systems, even where separation or ejection gates are used.

This polyester-based barcode tape can be supplied in lengths of anything up to 10,000 metres and is simply stuck on along the transport path. It is dimensionally stable, temperature resistant from -40° to +120° Celsius and is insensitive to UV light, damp, petrol and various oils.

The barcode positioning unit itself is mounted on the shunting truck or transfer machine, and reads the printed code while in motion, transmitting the precise position of the truck or machine by means of its location along the tape.

Due to the high scanning depth of 90 to 170 millimetres, it is even able to balance out guidance-related mechanical tolerances. This capability makes the principle of the barcode tape an interesting alternative not just for curved systems.

Other possible applications include position determination of rack handling devices, lifting mechanisms, crane systems and electric overhead rail tracks.

The positioning system BPS 34/37 requires a power supply of 10-30V dc, complies with protection rating IP65, and features the SSI and Profibus DP integrated interfaces for further processing.

Another important aspect for the user: after a power failure no repeat calibration process is required.

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