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Pneumatic cylinder position sensors

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article image Balluff cylinder position sensor.

THE Balluff BMF series magnetic field sensors from Balluff-Leuze detect cylinder position in pneumatic cylinders. They are designed to replace traditional systems using contacts such as reed switches or mechanical switches.

They are available in various types together with an extensive range of corresponding brackets and holders. This allows the Balluff BMF sensors to be attached to the majority of pneumatic cylinders.

All models in the BMF range are reliable, wear-free and offer bounceless switching and non-contact operation. They are resistant to vibration and contamination, and have no double switchpoints.

Piston position is sensed through the cylinder walls and the whole unit is short-circuit protected with 200mA load current.

The BMF305 model was especially developed for compact cylinders and is attached in the slot of the cylinder. Various brackets permit the sensor to be inserted into the slot from above, so that it can be used even when installation room is tight.

This gives the added advantage that, should the sensor ever need to be replaced, the new one needs no adjustment since the bracket remains fixed. This saves time and therefore money because the switch point is never lost.

With additional mounting brackets being released for the BMF305 on a regular basis, this sensor is fast becoming the universal pneumatic cylinder sensor.

For each cylinder type, just select the correct mounting bracket for that cylinder and use the same BMF 305 sensor throughout the whole plant. Balluff-Leuze 1300 653 893.

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