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Non-contacting displacement measuring system from Balluff

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With its Micropulse AR, Balluff now provides a non-contacting displacement measuring system for use in mobile hydraulics. Displacement measurement used to be unknown in mobile hydraulics.

With its compact design, the Micropulse AR can be integrated directly into the cylinder where it is protected from wear, contamination or moisture. The Micropulse AR is a rugged displacement measuring system that has a long service life.

The processing electronics, which are embedded in the sensor head, have been designed to meet the strict EMC Directives for industrial trucks, agriculture and forestry as well as earthmoving equipment.

The Micropulse AR has been especially optimised for mobile hydraulics. The Micropulse AR makes possible continuous feedback of the cylinder position and thereby provides constant monitoring of the work processes, higher performance and increased safety and reliability.

The Micropulse AR provides tested EMC compatibility. The Micropulse AR operates reliably especially in areas characterised by strong electromagnetic fields, such as found outdoors beneath power lines.

Equal reliability is found in agricultural equipment, which remains unused for longer periods of time due to seasonal use. The Micropulse AR will operate on machines having longer downtimes, such as mowing machines, which may lay idle for months at a time.

The customer can select various output signal types depending on his needs (vehicle power). The Micropulse AR works within an operating voltage range of 10 to 30 volts, which means it can be used where before two devices had to be employed, one for 12 V and one for 24 V.

The Micropulse AR is available in the standard version with a 10 mm rod diameter or with an 8 mm rod for smaller cylinders.

The Micropulse AR is also available with all the accessories such as magnet rings and mounting elements from the Balluff line.

Typical areas of application for the Micropulse AR include agriculture, in levelling machinery, or in construction machinery for automating continuous movements and work sequences.

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