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Non-contact transducer matches wear-prone linear pots

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BALLUFF'S patented new Micropulse BIW transducer is a first in linear positioning technology, offering superior non-contact positioning accuracy in a form factor matching a linear pot.

The Micropulse BIW uses all-new, patented, pulse-inductive technology to provide superior performance and reliability with a non-contact design that allows drop-in-fit replacement for pots.

The BIW 's ware-free, non-contact design completely eliminates performance degradation over time, the principal cause of downtime and loss of accuracy in pots.

The new design is ideal for any application where old-style linear pots are used, such as plastic injection molding machines, blow molding machines, stamping presses, woodworking machinery, hydraulic motion bases - anywhere linear motion must be monitored and/or controlled.

The Micropulse BIW is available with an analogue 0V to 10V or –10V to +10V output.

It has a super-fast 20kHz update rate, non-linearity of 0.02%, and resolution down to 5μ.

The BIW transducer is immune to external EMI and available in stoke length from 75mm to 750mm.

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