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Non-contact energy & data transmission

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THE radial/angular remote system from Balluff features modular construction for non-contact transmission of energy for supplying up to eight binary PNP sensors on rotating shafts, axles or tables.

Reliable transmission is ensured whether the equipment is in motion or stopped.

The switching states of the sensors are transmitted over the air gap to the stationary component. The system therefore works independently of the rotation speed; transmission is assured even under the harshest ambient conditions.

Since no mechanically contacting components such as ring wheels are used, this technology eliminates all service and maintenance work.

Available through Balluff-Leuze, the system is intelligent, compact, noise-immune and is ideal for connecting up to eight sensors.

The radial/angular system is commonly used in robotics where the robot is indispensable for precise loading and unloading of parts to a machining centre.

The high rate of motion of the gripper often leads to problems in the cable connections on the sensors. The energy required for the sensors as well as the information from the sensors is transmitted by inductive means.

This system comprises two parts: the freely rotating transmitter sensor, which acts like a terminal box, and the fixed output sensor. Power is transmitted across the 2mm air gap between the 2 parts to power up the standard PNP sensors, and the outputs from these sensors is also transmitted across the air gap and sent back to the PLC.

Balluff-Leuze offers a comprehensive range of automation products from leading safety and sensor specialists. Combined with knowledge of local manufacturing challenges, Balluff-Leuze are able to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for automation and safety.

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