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Miniature inductive proximity switches

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article image Matchstick-sized mini sensor.

ALONG with technological progress comes the need for space-saving miniaturised sensors.

Especially in automated assembly, handling or the manufacturing of small high value components, the trend is definitely towards smaller and smaller form factors.

Highly dynamic applications for example, robot gripper arms require mini-components - including sensors with low weight and a small footprint.

Imagine an inductive sensor that is the size of a "matchstick", weighs less than 0.7g (excluding cable) and provides all the advantages of Balluff's inductive sensing technology.

The mini-sensors from Balluff are a unique range, even in the 3mm housing diameter they have performance to match much larger sensors.

Balluff's range of miniature inductive proximity switches offer the user high operating reliability with low installation cost and minimal adjustment effort through its extended sensing range.

With housings manufactured in stainless steel, the range is particularly suited to harsh, industrial environments.

Balluff's mini-sensors also feature an LED for indicating switching state. Supply voltage is 24V dc and the switches are available with integral cable or connector, including the M5 connector, providing one of the smallest sensors the smallest connector currently available.

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