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Mini-sensor with 3mm switching distance

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article image Balluff’s mini-inductive sensors.

A WORLD first in the sensor market is the new mini-inductive sensor from Balluff with 3mm switching distance. Until now an inductive sensor having a 3mm diameter housing was capable of just 1mm switching distance.

The new BES 516-3048 offers 3mm of switching distance in a 3mm housing together with all the advantages of the inductive sensing principle.

Extremely small inductive sensors are in high demand especially in areas of automation including handling, assembly, electronics manufacturing and micro-technology.

Anyone who has tried to integrate a sensor having just 0.6mm of switching distance into a machine knows the problem -- installation and setup are time and work-intensive.

Users want greater switching distances in their inductive mini-sensors. As early as 2001 Balluff brought a 3mm inductive sensor having 1mm of switching distance to market, which has a great number of needs. Greater switching distances were generally considered impossible.

This assessment now needs to be revised, because for the first time Balluff is introducing a 3mm inductive sensor with 3mm of switching distance for non-flush installation, the BES 516-3048.

The first of its kind in the world, whose advantages include not only the extended switching distance and non-contact sensing principle, but also its resistance to external influences and its extremely light weight.

The new mini-sensor weighs less than 0.7g not including the cable, even with its stainless steel housing containing the coil, processing circuitry and LED indicator. This is a distinct benefit in moving parts such as PCB board populating heads or pick-and-place machines.

The series BES mini-sensors from Balluff are built tough. A stainless steel housing protects the sensors from shock, vibration and electromagnetic fields. This means they can be used in harsh industrial environments.

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