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Mini sensor for label scanning

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THE RK70/4-50 energetic diffuse reflection light scanner from Balluff-Leuze features a miniature construction with completely integrated electronics for 24V technology.

Specially developed to solve label detection problems on glass and PET containers, the RK70/4-50 does not require special marks or luminescence ink to perform the task.

Even when the label is the same colour as the product inside it can still perform, leaving colour scanning solutions behind.

Extremely cost effective when compared to traditional technologies, and able to save consumable costs against most luminescence applications, the RK70/4-50 shows that a purpose built sensor, designed for an application, is a better choice, saving both up front costs and ongoing costs.

Leuze's expertise in developing purpose built sensors in conjunction with the end-users and OEM's, shows in the features and performance of the unit:

* Remote sensitivity adjustment, as these sensors are typically installed in an inaccessible part of the machine.

* Small size can fit almost anywhere.

* Ability to link up to 60 sensors to one sensitivity controller, for multi-head, multi-label machines.

Available through Balluff-Leuze, the RK70/4-50 has an immersed optical cover for mechanical protection and the entire unit is rated IP65 for use in adverse conditions.

The PNP transistor output is short-circuit proof and polarity reversal protected. Sensitivity adjustment via control line allows optimal adaptation to applications.

Remote sensitivity adjustment is via multi-gear potentiometer, with the power supply unit for multi-station use.

The RK70/4-50 has a scanning range of 1 to 50mm and a response time of 0.5ms.

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