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Mini-draw wire encoder

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article image High accuracy -- compact design.

NEW from Balluff-Leuze is a line of miniature wire-draw encoders with either incremental or analogue outputs.

These robust units come in a compact design 55 x 40 x 40 mm. They boast high accuracy with a measuring range of up to two metres, so offering an effective solution to all standard length and positioning requirements in the construction of machinery and plant.

The incremental or analogue output signals can then easily be processed by a separate digital indicator.

The incremental output version of the wire-draw encoder has the following features: 1000ppr, inverted signals, a supply voltage range from either 5-24V dc or 8-30V dc as well as a push-pull output.

All Kübler encoders also benefit from temperature and ageing compensation, short-circuit protected outputs and reverse polarity protection on the power-supply input.

A low-cost alternative to the encoder version is available in the wire-draw encoder with analogue output. This offers a measuring length of up to 1000mm.

The customer has a choice of analogue output signals available, either 0-10V dc or 4-20mA as well as a 10kΩ potentiometer. A wide range of accessories is also available, for example, idler pulleys, cable extensions, etc.

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