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Measuring optosensor technology

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article image Optosensor ODS 8.

THE Leuze optosensor ODS 8, available from Balluff-Leuze , uses the triangular method in combination with CCD technology to achieve accurate measurement.

The Leuze ODS 8 features a high resolution CCD line.

Using a laser diode as a light source, the measurement range is between 20 and 400mm. This device permits measurements to be made of objects with luminance values of 6% to 90% for the overall measurement range, guaranteeing distance information independent of luminance.

The ODS 8 is insensitive to extraneous light and can provide reflection-independent distance information.

Measured values can be read out on an analogue or digital basis. The device permits manual teach-in or can be parameterised at the PC using an RS232 interface.

Additionally, the ODS 8 features analogue current and voltage output, adjustable measurement range and mode, teachable switching output and an M12 turning connector.

The ODS 8 lends itself to a wide range of applications such as pile positioning in the printing industry, level control of fluids and loose bulk materials. It is also suitable for colour determination and volume calculation, package sorting plants, and plank thickness measurement in the woodworking industry.

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