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Magnetic field sensors for pneumatic piston cylinders

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article image Magnetic field sensitive electronic sensor.

BALLUFF’s magnetic field sensitive electronic sensors, BMF 303 and BMF 305, detect the piston position in pneumatic cylinders. BMF 303 and BMF 305 are available from Balluff-Leuze .

Permanent magnets installed on the piston ring of the pneumatic cylinder are detected by the magnetic field sensitive sensor through the non-ferrous cylinder wall.

BMF 303 and BMF 305 provide non-contact, wear-free sensing of piston position, are insensitive to contamination and can be installed on any standard cylinder size using available brackets.

The BMF 303 is Balluff's smallest magnetic field sensor. The sensor fits neatly when installed into the cylinder slot.

Advantages of the BMF 303 include, reduced inventory, one sensor with corresponding brackets and quick sensor changes.

The BMF 305 reed switch has an LED as a calibration aid and for function display. The recovery diode for switching an inductive load is built in.

Installation of the BMF 305 is fast and easy. The BMF 305 fits all standard cylinder sizes using Balluff’s range of brackets and the switch point location is not lost when replacing the switch.

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