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Lumberg LioN-S: I/O Modules for Profibus and Devicenet

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No matter what the final design of the user’s field wiring may be, a single I / O module is all what the user needs to realise a whole range of different configurations. Each signal pin can be used as both an input and an output – without any additional configuration.

This means the consumer can stay flexible when it comes to planning, to making changes during implementation, and also when retrofitting at a later date. 

The compact construction of Lumberg I / O modules is ideal for systems, in which there is limited space. The LioN-S modules are designed for both rear and literal installation. It is even possible to attach directly on profile rails. 

The Easy Diagnostic Concept helps the user find the exact location of any faults for each I / O port, using its diagnostic display. In addition, the consumer can also access this information via the field bus: this makes it possible to evaluate the details on a centralised operating and display system, without having to configure the module. 
Due to the staggered arrangement of the M8 slots and the optimisation of the distance between the slots, it is easy to screw on both molded and field attachable M8 connectors. Also available in M12.

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