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Low cost position solutions for pneumatic cylinders

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IN TODAY's world of servopneumatics, improvements in microprocessor-based controllers and servo-valve technology have lead to new applications in pneumatic motion control that previously could only be achieved with electric servo motors and controls.

Balluff positioning transducers close the loop on these pneumatic control systems.

Using non-contact absolute magnetostrictive technology, absolute precision electronic feedback can now be accomplished without any modification, special machining, or mechanical coupling to pneumatic cylinders.

For use with any non-ferrous cylinder tube, simply mount the Balluff 'Profile' housing Micropulse transducer to the cylinder end caps.

A new patented Micropulse feature known as ‘auto-tuning’ allows magnetic field strengths of various piston mounted magnet materials to be accurately detected and converted into a continuous electrical output signal in the transducer.

The Micropulse Profile housing linear transducers offer self contained analog and digital pulse outputs options to suit most control systems requirements, a high IP67 protection rating making them resistant to contamination, a non-contact measuring principle thus allowing wear free and hence maintenance free operation and are available from 50mm to 4000mm electrical stroke lengths.

Applications include part clamping, high-speed packaging, gate/valve positioning, materials handling, automated assembly, and pneumatic braking systems. Balluff-Leuze 1300 653 893.

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