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Linear transducer for injection moulding applications

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article image Resolution of 10µm and repeatability of 20µm.

BALLUFF-Leuze has released a linear transducer for use on injection moulding machines. It has digital P-111 interface, giving it the functionality of a magnetostrictive displacement sensor with a fieldbus interface, but at a significantly lower price and without any of the disadvantages.

Each time the injection-moulding machine is started up, the serial number, ultrasonic gradient, manufacturing date and the stroke length of the transducer are checked to ensure the proper transducer is connected. In addition the active travel zone can be stored in the controller, so that an out of range error message is output as soon as the magnet is moved out of the zone.

If there are several moves associated with a single axis, the BTL6 can be equipped with multiple magnets to detect several position changes at one time. All that is needed is the appropriate mechanical linkage accommodated in the machine design.

Micropulse AT transducers have a resolution of 10µm and repeatability of 20µm. They are suitable for high-precision applications such as manufacturing DVDs.

They are IP67-rated and have a hermetically-sealed, round extruded housing. The housing protects the wave guide from exposure to contamination and moisture and provides a high degree of resistance to shock, vibration and external magnetic fields. The measuring point is marked by a noncontacting magnetic element attached to the moving member of the machine, with stroke lengths of between 50mm and 1500mm available.

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