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Light and sound as measuring tools

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ULTRASONIC sensors can do non-impact, wear-free measuring with the highest accuracy. Leuze Electronic has extended its range of ultrasonic sensors available from Balluff-Leuze , and can now offer a variety of technologies for measuring applications.

Apart from the precision of this technology, the main benefits of ultrasonic distance measuring sensors are:

· Insensitive against ambient contamination and vibrations.

· Detection of the smallest objects at long distances.

· Independent of material, surface and colour of the object to be measured.

· Wear-free operation.

· Easy handling.

Leuze's new USDS series is ideally suited to cover a range from 50mm up to 10m. Within this range, USDS sensors can be configured using special software together with a programming terminal.

Up to 10 units of the USDS series can be installed in parallel operation right next to each other without any risk of mutual interference.

With their integrated temperature compensation, USDS sensors can achieve an absolute accuracy of 1.5% in the temperature range from -25 to +70°C. This makes them suitable for use under rough ambient conditions in virtually any industrial application.

A common application is container filling level measuring; liquids gelatine, granulates and cement for example are easy to handle. USDS sensors can also be used to:

· Check transport containers upon their contents.

· Count bottles.

· Monitor diameters.

· Avoid the collision of containers.

· Guide handling units.

· Check tools upon wear.

· Position parts to be fed.

It is entirely their interference-free measuring technology that allows Leuze's USDS ultrasonic sensors to be used even under extreme conditions they would come across in the mining industry, for example.

In such applications, they could be used to monitor the digging depth of paddle wheel excavators right in the pit.

Not even the detection of usually difficult transparent objects and media like foils, glass or plastics will get them into trouble. In all, the 18 series is the ideal complement for Leuze's well-known range of optosensors. Balluff-Leuze 1300 653 893.

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