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article image CODIX 550-555 series process displays.

KUBLER has introduced six new process displays and process controllers in the DIN 96 x 48mm size. The new CODIX 550-555 series, available from Balluff-Leuze , extends Kubler’s current range of 48 x 24mm DIN housing process displays.

The new devices have IP65 protection.

The bright 14.2mm high 5-digit LED display allows the devices to be read from far away and almost any position.

The six new devices are split up in displays and controllers for standard signals (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V dc and ±10V dc) with acquisition of the maximum and minimum values, and in versions suitable for the usual thermo elements, for resistance measurement with two, three or four wire technology, also with acquisition of the maximum and minimum values.

Also available with the sum calculation function (integration), these devices offer up to two limit values.

Each device is equipped with analogue/digital converters with 14-bit resolution.

Tachometers can be used to deliver analogue output signals (0-10V) to the digital input display when the devices are used with servomotors. This allows the motor’s rotational speed to be displayed.

The assignment of a display value to the input signal, or the characteristic line, can be programmed freely.

CODIX 550-555 series devices are suitable for flow rate, filling level, pressure and temperature display.

Thanks to 24 couples of values, CODIX 550-555 devices accept non-linear characteristic line programming. This means they are also suitable for economical sensors and for measuring the filling level of spherical or asymmetrical tanks.

Programming the characteristic line can be significantly simplified using the optional serial interface.

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