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article image The SENDIX 5000 series incremental encoders.

BALLUFF-Leuze Pty Ltd is setting new standards with its latest generation of Kübler incremental encoders.

These versatile devices deliver high performance and offer the customer a wide spectrum of use.

The user can address a wide variety of applications using just one type of encoder, thus avoiding the extra costs associated with special versions.

The encoders from the new SENDIX 5000 series are just 50mm in diameter and benefit from a compact design that means only limited mounting clearance is necessary. The profile of the flange matches 58mm devices in a ratio of 1:1.

The modular construction means the user can select just the right version for their particular application. Production costs are therefore reduced while performance is increased.

This versatile modular system used in Kübler's 5000 series offers the user even more benefits: plant and machine manufacturers now only require one incremental encoder range to meet a whole host of application requirements.

The new shaft and hollow shaft encoders can be modified in so many different ways that they can take care of almost every conceivable application. There is no longer any need for expensive custom versions.

The through hollow shaft version is designed for diameters of up to 15.87mm and not just for 12mm or 14mm.

There is a choice of connection technology on offer including M23 connectors and even MIL standard connectors. The user also has a wide choice of options for fixing and mounting.

The SENDIX 5000 series devices’ extensive temperature range, from -40°C up to +85°C, addresses a wide range of applications where very low or fluctuating temperatures are to be found, for example in vehicles.

Increased shock and vibration resistance values (2500m/s2, 6ms and 100m/s2, 10...2000Hz) as well as a radial load capacity of 80N - atypically high for this size of encoder – this ensures safe operation and a long service life.

Even the through hollow shaft version with up to 15.87mm diameter is equipped with extremely sturdy bearings.

The high IP67 protection rating refers not just to the housing but also to the whole encoder, ensuring the devices have the best defence against ingress of dirt, dust particles and liquids.

Thanks to highly integrative opto-ASIC technology, the electronics and optical sensing are reduced to just a few components, thus providing high immunity to EMC interference.

A fast electronic pulse frequency of 300kHz means dynamic applications are not a problem. Resolution is up to 3600 pulses per revolution.

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