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article image The Leuze barcode reader.

COMPONENT tracing is a requirement faced by many industries. For the recording and documentation of relevant data, profitability and reading reliability go hand in hand.

The Leuze barcode reader BCL90, from Balluff-Leuze , opens up a range of new solutions.

Its large range and depth of field allow generous flexibility for both positioning and the reading field modification.

Its real-time autofocus and code fragment technology optimise reading reliability. With extremely high flexibility, it can be adapted very quickly to a wide variety of reading jobs.

Complete component tracing includes the collection and recording of information on the assembly line and the machine on which the component was manufactured.

Marking each component with a barcode label that carries all this information certainly represents an economical solution for most cases. On the label, all relevant data can be gathered and attached to the component.

One of the latest examples of this use is the control of the withdrawal unit for car door and side panels with simultaneous recording of the respective barcode at a major European automotive manufacturer.

In this example, components have a self-adhesive label that carries two barcodes with both product and production history data. Since these components are subject to special safety regulations, complete documentation is a must.

All relevant information is firmly attached to the actual component. This is possible by using the latest generation of barcode readers, the powerful BCL90 Series.

For this application, the barcode reader was fitted in the withdrawal system of an indexing table at the end of the production line where it controls the automatic handling system.

When entering the indexing table section, the barcode reader checks the correct position of the label by reading its data. If the code cannot be read, this is signalled to the machine control with a "no read" message; the component will go to the manual withdrawal station.

This economical procedure allows the complete documentation and an easy 100 per cent component tracing.

The Leuze barcode reader BCL90 suits demanding requirements as it combines very high range, excellent depth of field, and a high scan rate of up to 1,400 scans/sec, with maximum flexibility.

Depending on the requirements and the quality of the barcodes used, the BCL90 comes equipped with a high, medium or low-density optical system. This allows the BLC90 to be adapted precisely to the individual barcode's features.

Any common barcodes and module width from 0.2 to 1.2mm can be processed. At the same time, the BCL90 sets new standards for the maximum range barcode readers. Depending on the resolution required, the BCL gives reliable reading results even for a reading distance of up to 2,200mm.

Moreover, the BCL90 features a large scan field width as well as an extended depth of field. This allows even the smallest modules to be read reliably and accurately at relatively large distances.

The BCL90 comes as a line scanner or with swivel mirror optical system. Its scan rate is adjustable from 600 to 1,200 scans per second.

This new flagship of barcode readers can read information reliably and accurately even when ambient conditions are subject to constant change and go beyond normal standards.

The BCL90 proved to be the perfect solution for the withdrawal unit at the automotive manufacturer, with simultaneous documentation for door panels as well as for the sorting plant of parcels and mailings.

Due to its high performance, it can substantially simplify pallet identification in logistics centres or the feeding operations of machines.

Its remarkable depth of field allows the BCL90 to be used for object tracing or component identification in many branches of industry.

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