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THE Leuze BCL 31/32 barcode readers are high performance scanners with a scanning rate of up to 1000 scan/s and can read all common barcodes with great reliability. They are capable of resolving module widths from m=0.2 to 0.8mm.

The scanners are provided with various methods of activation. These include, for example, the switching inputs for external sensors, the online command for "+" for activation via the host interface or the newly patented autoReflAct.

AutoReflAct stands for Automatic Reflector Activation and makes activation possible with additional sensors. This is achieved by directing the scanner with reduced scanning beam towards a reflector mounted behind the conveyor path.

As long as the scanner is targeted at the reflector, the read gate remains closed. If however an object such as a container with a barcode label blocks the reflector, the scanner activates the read procedure, and the label on the container is read.

When the path from the scanner to the reflector has cleared, the read procedure has completed and the scanning beam is reduced and again directed onto the reflector. The read gate is closed.

The BCL 31/32 scanner variants offer various networking possibilities and up to 31 scanners can be networked together. The BCL32, on the other hand, is used either as a single device or on a network of four scanners using the daisy chain protocol.

Available through Balluff-Leuze, the BCL 31/32 scanners offer automatic detection of code type and code quality, a reference code with parameters stored fail-safe in an EEPROM.

The units are simple to mount and fasten, with RS232 service interface with fixed data format and switching inputs and switching outputs. Balluff-Leuze 1300 653 893.

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