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Balluff introduces BOS 6K retro reflective sensors

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When the need is to sense glass, such as bottles, ampules or test tubes, or to detect transparent films in industrial applications, Balluff offers a new BOS 6K photoelectric sensor.

This miniature (32 x 20 x 12 mm) sensor enables objects to be reliably identified regardless of shape, color or composition. Due to low hysteresis, it is especially well suited for detecting transparent objects.

The BOS 6K retro reflective sensor is designed using the auto collimation principle. This means the emitter and receiver are on the same optical axis, ensuring a high degree of switching accuracy. A built-in polarising filter suppresses interference such as reflections, thus increasing process reliability.

The pulsed, visible red light increases ambient light rejection and makes setup and adjustment of the sensor easy.

Areas of application can be found in the entire field of automation.

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