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WITH its BCL 34 barcode reader, the first reader equipped with a direct Profibus interface, Balluff-Leuze has received the "Automation Award" from the magazine Elektroautomation.

For the first time, a direct flow of data between barcode reader and Profibus master ensures full performance capacity utilisation for barcode readers.

This exercises a direct effect on the speed of identification. Maximum reading speeds are now possible without compromising identification reliability.

The decisive benefits of the Leuze bar code reader BCL 34, featuring the first directly integrated Profibus DP link include:

* Direct, super high-speed communication.

* Unbelievably simple parameterisation.

* A low-cost equipment concept.

* Simple installation.

* Barcode reader exchange within seconds.

The maximum Profibus data transmission rate of 12Mbit/s is now fully available to a barcode reader for the very first time with the BCL 34, which eliminates the communication speed restriction inherent in the gateway solution.

The full Profibus data transmission rate brings about decisive benefits in terms of communication speed, at the same time optimising the reliability of identification systems.

Using this technology, the BCL 34 sets a new standard in the barcode reader sector.

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