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All-rounder photoelectric sensor

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SENSORS of the new Leuze 25 series, available from Balluff-Leuze , are really true all-rounders. The 25 series' rigid plastic housing holds the most innovative sensor technology.

This allows these sensors to be used in virtually any conceivable application as the sensors complete the full bandwidth of functioning principles such as:

* Throughbeam photoelectric sensors.

* Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors.

* Diffuse reflection light scanners with background suppression.

For more complex applications there are also sensors available for the detection of transparent objects and clear glass, and there is a diffuse reflection light scanner with excellent black/white characteristics.

It can be adjusted to match a wide variety of applications in a most user-friendly way by simply pressing its teach-button.

The sensors' most compact design, together with a comprehensive range of mounting accessories, makes installation at any position of a machine or line really easy.

Fast setting up is supported by three versions (each measuring only 27 x 36 x 15mm) that allow connecting the sensor either through M8/M12 round plug or cable with open ends.

With their push/pull outputs the sensors of the 25 series can be connected to both PNP and NPN controllers.

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