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Scuttles, castings and ship systems from Bale Defence Industries

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Bale Defence Industries  manufactures comprehensive range of defence and military equipment that include different types of ship equipment. Ship equipment supplied by Bale Defence Industries include dispensers, oily water separator, ship systems, cloths dryer, straub couplings, watertight doors, castings and scuttles.

Dispensers manufactured by Bale Defence Industries include water dispensers and ice makers. Water dispenser provides hygienic hands free operation and is a free standing unit that has the capability of dispensing 62 litres of water per hour. Ice maker offered by Bale Defence Industries produces slow melting as well medium sized ice. This ice maker has a capacity of about 14 kilograms.

Different types of ship systems provided by Bale Defence Industries include fuel and ballast systems, chilled water systems, steering systems, high pressure air valves as well as low pressure air valves. Bale Defence Industries manufactures different types of aluminium scuttles. These aluminium scuttles consist of a single unit that have been manufactured using marine grade aluminium. Features of this scuttle include lightweight construction and resistance to corrosion.

Bale Defence Industries manufactures diverse range of investment castings including stainless steel castings, copper nickel castings, cobalt castings, carbon steel castings as well as aluminium castings. These castings have weight of about 35 kilograms and available either as hollow casting or solid casting.

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