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The Abanaki range of complete machine coolant maintenance products includes belt tube and skimmers with the following benefits:
  • Removes tramp oils
  • Extends tool life
  • Reduces disposal costs and down time
  • Prevents dermatitis
  • Controls nasty odours
  • Separates chips and swarf
  • Eliminates mist cooling

Stainless Steel Mighty Mini® SST Compact Belt Skimmers

  • The stainless steel Mighty Mini is a compact belt skimmer designed for parts washers and machine tool coolant sumps
  • With its large discharge trough and small operating space, the Mighty Mini fits almost anywhere
  • The stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion in harsh environments
  • It is lightweight and requires no assembly
  • With its durable stainless steel construction, it is built to give long lasting performance

Abanaki TubeTastic Oil Skimmers

  • The Abanaki TubeTastic oil skimmer can be used on machining centers with little or no access to the coolant sump from above
  • This unit can skim oil from chip conveyors or even totally enclosed machining centers

Abanaki Coolescer

  • A must for any machine shop dealing with machine tool coolant
  • This unit will extend coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate down time, improve tool life and help prevent dermatitis
The Abanaki range offers high quality maintenance products that will improve the performance of the machine coolant for greater productivity.
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27/09/10 - Baldwin's Mighty Mini Abanaki belt skimmer is one of the lightest skimmers in the world that can be easily hand carried to the source of a problem and provide efficient liquid and oil separation
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09/11/09 - Floating oil skimmers, manufactured by Douglas Engineering in the USA, are now available from Baldwin Industrial Systems.
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