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Baldwin Industrial Systems' RM-10 wastewater treatment chemicals

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Baldwin's  RM-10 wastewater treatment chemicals are designed to help clear difficult to treat wastewater. 

The RM-10 chemicals provide an alternative to conventional wastewater treatment systems that require multiple chemical additions throughout the treatment process. RM-10 chemicals consists of a combination of treatment chemicals which can be applied in a single application. 

Components in Baldwin’s RM-10 chemicals include:

  • clay based powder chemicals which remove emulsified oils, heavy metals, phosphates and suspended solids
  • minerals
  • inorganic and organic acids
  • bases 
  • polymers
The RM-10 chemicals work by both lowering and raising the PH of water at various stages of the wastewater treatment process causing oils and other waste products to react in a mass that becomes encapsulated in clay particles. This process leaves the water clear with a non-leachable sludge on the side which can be easily removed.

Key benefits and features of Baldwin’s RM-10 wastewater treatment chemicals include:

  • safe product - chemical handling and storage facilities are minimised, as only one non-toxic chemical is required
  • non-leachable sludge that results at the end of the process makes the treatment simple, as the sludge can be disposed of easily and directly to a non-hazardous landfill
  • sludge volumes are minimised as the clay base retains no chemically held water
  • various available designs and configurations enable efficient and economical treatment of most industrial wastewater applications
Baldwin's RM-10 wastewater treatment chemicals are available as three different units. The basic unit is the small moulded “Busta” units - manual units that treat 300-500 litres per day. 
The mid-range unit, the semi-automatic unit requires minimal operator time and is available in a painted mild steel construction for added strength. These units are ideal for treating 750-1000 litres per hour.

The third unit is the fully automatic unit which is PLC controlled and of stainless steel construction for further strength. Treatment rates using this third product range from 1000 litres per hour to a maximum of 10,000 litres per hour and can continually treat without operator attention for 24 hours a day.

Applications for Baldwin's RM-10 wastewater treatment chemicals include treating:

  • wastewater 
  • paint manufacturing - wash waters
  • corrugators - ink and glue water
  • vibratory de-burring
  • diecasting
  • metal working coolants
  • plating
  • equipment washdown
  • phosphate removal
  • parts washing

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