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article image Cost-effective in applications involving 24/7 operation, such as conveyors and baggage handling systems.

AUSTRALIAN Baldor has released two families of three-phase brake motors for applications involving lengthy duty cycles or continuous operation where the need for energy conservation is acute.

The new Super-E brake motors have an electromechanical spring-set brake which provides fast stop and positive hold capabilities. They are available in standard and washdown versions and are particularly cost-effective in applications involving 24/7 operation, such as conveyors and baggage handling systems.

Standard Super-E brake motors are known as EBM models. They offer a choice of 12 models spanning power outputs from 0.75kW to 22kW. The CEWDBM family of washdown motors comprises 8 models, with power ratings from 0.37kW to 3.7 kW.

All Baldor Super-E brake motors meet or exceed NEMA Premium and exceed equivalent IEC EFF 1 energy efficiency ratings. The 22kW EBM model has a full-load efficiency of 94.1% and provides a figure of 93.8% at half load.

The motors use high copper mass windings, premium-grade steel laminations, precision rotor-to-stator air gaps, and high-efficiency fans. They are designed for operation from 230V/460V ac, 60Hz supplies and have NEMA frame sizes to suit OEMs and machine builders serving the US and similar markets. Metric versions with IEC standard frame sizes, designed for use with 50Hz supplies, are also available for European and allied markets.

Both the EBM and CEWDBM families of Super-E brake motors are inverter ready, in that they meet the corona inception voltage requirements of NEMA Standard MG 1, Part and can withstand peak voltages up to 1.6kV. The motor windings use inverter-spike-resistant magnet wire, extra winding insulation and tightly bound end turns, making them more resistant to the type of transient voltage spikes and fast rise time pulses frequently produced by inverters. The motors can also be used with adjustable speed drives, producing a constant torque output over a 20:1 speed range.

The brake motors are totally enclosed fan-cooled designs, and the CEWDBM washdown models are also totally enclosed non-ventilated. The largest 11.2kW to 22kW models in the EBM family have cast iron motor housings and fan covers, while all other models have a thermally-efficient steel band construction. The long-life spring-set brakes are mounted at the opposite end of the motor to the drive shaft, significantly simplifying installation. The motors have a NEMA standard BA dimension and can easily be converted to C or B14-face mounting using pretapped holes in the motor face.

The brake unit coils in all Super-E brake motors with power ratings up to 7.5kW are internally connected to leads in the conduit box, enabling the brake to operate normally when power is applied to the motor. If separate brake coil connection is required for use with adjustable speed drives, the connections can easily be altered in the conduit box without disassembling the motor housing. The 15 through 30HP EBM motors are equipped with separate connections for the brake. All brake units on Super-E brake motors are fitted with 230V/460V coils and have a manual release mechanism to allow movement without the application of power. All Baldor Super-E brake motors carry a three-year warranty.

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