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article image Can be applied directly to both analogue servos and pulse-and-direction stepper drives.

DELTA Tau Data Systems, represented by Australian Baldor , has released the PMAC2-PC/104 motion controller for mid to high-volume four or eight-axis motion control systems.

It can be applied directly to both analogue servos and pulse-and-direction stepper drives. An optional piggyback board is available, allowing it to support direct-PWM, pure digital control. As a series of boards in the PC/104 form factor, this controller can be installed in a PC/104 stack, or act as a stand-alone controller with serial communications, including RS-232, USB, or Ethernet. Because the PMAC2-PC/104 uses standard PMAC2 firmware, it has all of the software capabilities of any PMAC2 controller.

The PMAC2-PC/104 uses a high level of integration to achieve its small form factor. The main board has three main components, the Motorola DSP CPU with embedded RAM, the servo ASIC and flash memory backup. It supports four channels of servo/stepper interface, an RS232 serial communications port and an optional PC/104 bus communications port. Digital inputs and outputs that are not employed for their dedicated purpose can be used as general-purpose I/Os, yielding up to 12 outputs and 24 inputs for each set of four channels.

The PMAC2PC/104 axis expansion board enables expansion to eight servo interface channels, with optional digital I/O capability, including a link to hundreds of external I/O points from the PC/104 CPU card.

Standard features include a Motorola 56k digital signal processor with a CPU from 40MHz to 160MHz and four or eight axes of simultaneous motion control.

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