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Mint WorkBench virtual controller released by Baldor

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Baldor is has released its new innovation for Mint WorkBench, the single software tool for all Baldor motion controllers, servo drives and H2 products. Within the Mint WorkBench, Baldor has introduced a virtual controller. The virtual controller allows customers to try out Mint programming for themselves and even test and develop Mint code offline, without the need for an external controller or servo drive such as the MintDrive-II. 

Following these simple instructions will get Mint running on one’s computer:
* Download Mint WorkBench and install it onto computer.
* When installed, run Mint WorkBench by selecting it from the Program menu
* Select Start new project from the menu
* Select Virtual Controller and press the Select button
* From the File menu select New File
* It is now ready to start writing Mint program. Try copying this simple program into the editor and hit the Run button (green arrow) 

Dim i
For i = 1 To 10
Print Mint is Great, i

Remember that the user can get help at any time simply by pressing F1. Move the cursor over a Mint keyword, and press F1. Help on that keyword will be shown.


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