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Improved brushless ac servo drives

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AUSTRALIAN Baldor's new MicroFlex brushless ac servo drive provides OEMs with the means to squeeze extra performance out of motion machinery - while also trimming costs.

Although designed for low cost and volume manufacture, the new single-axis drive nevertheless incorporates advanced features to improve motor speed and smoothness of motion, including space vector modulation (SVM), and high resolution synchronous serial interface (SSI) and incremental encoder feedback interfaces.

By controlling the IGBT power devices using SVM instead of the more usual carrier based pulse width modulation (PWM), users can run servo motors at typically 15% higher speeds with reduced switching losses and harmonics - which can translate directly into greater machine throughput.

SSI feedback can provide a similar boost to performance, by providing high resolution absolute positional data on every servo loop, enabling tighter control of velocity and positioning.

This allows the low cost servo drive to be used in the highest precision applications, such as precision profiling or PCB assembly for example.

The MicroFlex servo drive also supports trapezoidal commutation, in addition to the usual sinusoidal commutation, allowing OEMs to reduce hardware costs even further by employing an encoderless motor control loop.

Baldor MicroFlex brushless ac servo drives are available in three power ratings of 3, 6 and 9A - with 200% peak current capability.

They will run from single or three phase supplies from 115 to 230V ac, making it possible to fit one standard motion control system into machinery for international markets.

MicroFlex products may be configured as either a torque or velocity reference using the standard ±10V input command signal.

For closed loop feedback packages, encoder, SSI or Hall sensors are supported. A step and direction interface is also supplied, making MicroFlex an ideal upgrade or replacement for stepper-based packages.

MicroFlex is a fully protected unit, and includes encoder loss detection, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature protection. With the addition of an external dumping resistor, regenerative braking energy can be dissipated.

Drives are configured for applications using Baldor's Windows software environment, Mint WorkBench. The same tool is used across Baldor's range of servo controls, intelligent drives and motion controllers, providing OEMs who build a range of machines with a familiar configuration environment supported by a choice of hardware with common features.

Mint WorkBench includes a sophisticated autotuning tool to help users install MicroFlex rapidly and efficiently.

Baldor offers a comprehensive range of complementary products for MicroFlex, including NextMove motion controllers in either PCB or boxed forms, and rotary brushless servo motors and linear motors.

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