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Harsh environment electric motors

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article image Electric motors resist corrosive environments.

AUSTRALIAN Baldor has released a new grade of electric motors that will withstand the most severe and corrosive applications in the processing industry as well as high-pressure washdown.

The DirtyDutyWD motor range has an exterior surface coating that is bonded to its steel frame, cast-iron endplates, a conduit box, a lid, and a base. The coating is resists high pressures, extreme temperatures, and caustic chemicals that can deteriorate painted motor components. The coating is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It offers additional protection against washdown applications and is suitable for marine applications such as IEEE 45 and USCG 259.

The motors have a stainless-steel shaft extension, preventing rusting of the shaft to the pulley or other driven equipment. A non-contact, non-metallic, rotating labyrinth shaft seal prevents ingress of water or other debris, improving lubricant and bearing life. Four stainless steel threaded drain plugs in each endplate allows proper drainage of condensation build-up or any forced water entry into the motor.

The motors also have an inverter spike resistant copper magnet wire with an extra coating of epoxy slurry. This prevents insulation breakdown from harsh chemicals and moisture. A gasketed and sealed conduit box and lid protects motor lead connections.

1750rpm motors are available in ratings from 0.373kW to 7.5kW per 1/2HP to 10HP, in both US and European voltages and frequencies, in C-face versions, with or without base mountings.

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