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End Covers from Baldor Introduced to DODGE ISN Bearings

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End covers introduced to the DODGE ISN bearings range by Baldor have enhanced the performance of the industry-leading TRIDENT sealing system.  

The end covers are available from Baldor Australia Pty Ltd .  

The new range of end covers provides an additional barrier to contamination for the bearings in the harshest of applications.

DODGE ISN end covers are available in four different styles to suit all applications and include closed front covers, open front covers, open back covers and closed back covers.  

All the end covers are designed as a press fit into the standard DODGE ISN housing without any modification.

The new DODGE ISN end covers have been optimised for robustness and are constructed of steel (for the closed covers) and steel with rubber or polyurethane seals (for the open covers).  

While the standard TRIDENT seal used in DODGE ISN bearings is robust, the performance is not good enough in applications subjected to constant high pressure washing or on tail-shafts buried under product.

The addition of end covers in these applications can significantly enhance the life expectancy of the bearings, decrease maintenance requirements, reduce downtime and consequently increase production.

Daniel Vera, Managing Director of Baldor Australia says that the end covers have already proven their worth in trials at coal wash plants in Queensland, where customers have experienced significant life-span improvements from their bearings.

He adds that the end covers are also suitable for manufacturing and processing plants in machinery sectors including conveyors, mixing and milling equipment dealing with harsh materials and in heavy-duty bulk handling applications.

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