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Economical range of brushless servo motors

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article image The Baldor BSM-N Series.

AUSTRALIAN Baldor has launched a new range of brushless servo motors for precision motion control applications, based on rare-earth neodymium iron boron magnets.

The material provides near-identical low-inertia responsiveness of motors employing samarium-cobalt magnets, but at a typical cost reduction of up to 8 per cent.

This delivers a useful saving for OEMs building equipment requiring high acceleration and speeds, such as machinery for packaging, labelling, pick-and-place, positioning and other high performance automated tasks.

The new range - the BSM-N Series - offers users a wide choice of frame sizes with peak torques as high as 40Nm, and a choice of maximum speeds.

The motors additionally form part of Baldor's stock profile for Australia, supporting OEMs, end users and companies building equipment to demand in small quantities.

BSM-N motors are available in three lengths with single, dual or triple stacks of magnets, allowing users to match performance characteristics easily against particular application requirements.

Baldor is also able to provide customised variants, with user-defined shaft, mounting or winding parameters for example, thanks to its computer-controlled manufacturing process.

High integrity design principles and quality materials have been employed in the construction to ensure long life and reliability.

Highlights include the use of premium 200°C moisture-resistant multi-coated Class H insulation wire, but with internal thermal switches to protect units to a Class F temperature rise - or 155°C.

The windings are a heavy gauge of magnetic wire, and potted for additional insulation protection and improved thermal characteristics.

Standard build options include an enclosure and shaft oil seal to meet IP65, and the provision of an internal holding brake.

All units have the CE mark, and additionally comply with UL and CSA standards. A rugged brushless resolver is integrated into the motor for simple system building; incremental encoders are available optionally.

The new material offers near identical stall torque performance in normal conditions, and the vast majority of existing servo applications using samarium cobalt magnets can be replaced with neodymium equivalents without any degradation in performance.

A blower cooling option is available for most models, which increases torque by 60-80 per cent.

Australian Baldor offers a complementary line of brushless servo controls and Mint-compatible motion controller products for motion systems with from 1 to more than 64 axes of positioning control, providing users with comprehensive solutions from a single source.

Matched performance lab-tested performance curves are available showing the complete operating range for industrial motor and control combinations.

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