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Baldor brushless servo motor guide

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AUSTRALIAN Baldor has received a new shipment of the popular guide to operating and installing its brushless servo motors.

This guide details everything from unpacking and storing a new Baldor brushless servo motor to radial load capacity.

The following is also covered in detail:

* Life Determination - how is life is determined

* Speed & Torque - Reading the curves to determine safe operating area, speed limit area and intermittent operating area

* Holding Brake - These brakes are designed to hold the motor shaft at 0 RPM

* Brake Specifications

* Electrical Connections - shows typical connections for motor control

* Feedback devices - Resolver & Encoder

* Baldor Brushless Servo Motor Identification

To request a copy of this guide please email your request to admin.au@baldor.com or phone: 02 9674 5455 and ask for MN1240.

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