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BSM series brushless motors available from Baldor Australia

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Baldor Australia  provide BSM series brushless motors. These brushless motors have adjustable speeds and can be used in portable equipment, mixers, pumps and grinding equipment.

BSM series brushless motors can be used in portable industrial equipment designed for contractor use in new construction and heavy commercial usage in residential and industrial markets. The BSM motors provide the horsepower to consistently and easily pump or spray fluids of varying viscosities.

Baldor Australia’s BSM series motors, with Hall sensor or resolver feedback, allow for the maximising of horsepower delivered using the current available from standard 115 Vac wall power, thereby improving the performance of the equipment. The BSM series aids the equipment’s portability by reducing the overall package weight. These motors are designed with heavy industrial construction and are capable of handling shock when the equipment is roughly handled.

The machine performance improvements on using the BSM series motors include:

Equipment enhancements:

  • Provides higher horsepower per wall amp
  • Delivers consistent speed and performance
  • Improved equipment life
Smaller design:
  • Allows portable equipment to become lighter in weight
  • Enables easier handling of equipment
  • Improved package size
Equipment advantages:
  • Lower weight motors for portable equipment
  • Brushless benefits including maintenance-free and trouble-free operation
  • High output for portable electric equipment
  • Provides the equipment with additional advantages
Different features of the BSM series motors include:
  • Easy to mount NEMA configurations
  • Simple, reliable and durable Hall sensors
  • Special designs available
  • Up to 58% less weight
  • With control, speed regulations better than 0.5%
  • Up to 40% smaller diameter
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Available with other feedback

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