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Australian Baldor launches new brushless servomotors

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article image BSM 40/60 R brushless servomotors

Australian Baldor , Sydney based manufacturer of energy saving industrial motors, servomotors, drives and generators, has released new smaller brushless servomotor to compliment and expand the existing family.

Baldor’s new family of BSM40R and BSM60R motors provide one of industries compact, lightweight packages and are available in either metric or NEMA (stepping motor) mounting configurations.

These new motors enable designers to make use of the benefits of brushless technology – less maintenance, quieter operation, faster acceleration in smaller packages.

Typical applications include pharmaceuticals, electronic assembly, packaging, automation equipment and labelling and stepper motor upgrade packages.

The brushless servomotors are designed to operate with Baldor’s new compact brushless AC servo drive, the MicroFlex.

Baldor’s new BSM 40/60 R-series of brushless servomotors provide 50 to 400 watts output with models available in 1.5 and 2.3 inch (40 and 60 mm) packages.

Continuous stall torques ratings range 1.4 to 11 lbin (0.16 – 1.2 Nm), with peak torques of 3 times.

Models available from stock include 2000ppr encoder available in either metric or NEMA mounting (for stepper motor upgrades).

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