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Range of flowmeters from Bagnall Direct Services

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Typically, the Macnaught and Great Plains- USA flowmeter ranges cover the mid range applications from 1/8” to 4” line sizes. Flowmeters are used for accurately measuring a wide range of liquids.

Industries covered include

  • Automotive production lines with transmission oils and engine coolant
  • Oils and petroleum liquids
  • Solvents for printing and packaging
  • Vegetable oils, olive oil, almond oil
  • Ethanol and biodiesel blends
  • Water measure in bakeries, water cooling tower make up and chemicals batching applications
  • Chemicals dosing measure
  • Boiler feedwater measure
  • Laboratory test bench liquids flowmeasurement

Bagnall Direct Services is the distributor for the wide range of flowmeters.

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