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BACKPLANE Systems Technology has announced the release of the ICOP-6015, an embedded 386SX tiny module with DiskOnChip, 8MB DRAM onboard, GPIO and ethernet.

The ICOP-6015 tiny module (100mm x 66mm) has an embedded DMP6117D 386SX-40MHz processor and includes 8MB of EDO SDRAM (2MB and 4MB memory options are available).

In addition, the module features 10BASE-T ethernet, one RS232 port, one RS232/485 port, one parallel port, 16-bit GPIO, one RJ-45 connector, one DiskOnChip/Flash disk socket and an IDE interface. This streamline board boasts a low power consumption of +5V @ 0.4A.

The ICOP-6015 has been successfully implemented as client controllers by systems integrators. This has been achieved by connecting the tiny module to a barcode reader, scanner, panel control or data logger through the RS232/485 interface or via the I/O relay onto the 16-bit GPIO.

The DiskOnChip/Flash disk socket supports 512kB to 288MB of Flash memory. This amount of memory is suitable for many operating systems requiring minimal memory.

System integrators can use cost-effective operation systems such as DOS with a TCP/IP protocol to transfer data from the interface to the remote server. Backplane Systems 02 9457 6400.

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