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BACKPLANE Systems Technology has released Digital-Logic's single board computers featuring a high-speed smartCoreP5/P3-CPU.

These boards are marketed as the MAS2 (MICROSPACE Application Solutions) Series and are available in two versions, the MAS2M (for mobile applications) and the MAS2S (for integrated system applications).

The MAS2M (Mobile) board has been designed for battery-operated portable computers such as WEB pads, tablet PCs and notebooks.

This SBC is equipped with an 18-bit LVDS connection for LCDs, a smartBattery charge regulator for NiMH and LiION batteries, plus two USB (universal serial bus) ports.

In addition, the board incorporates COM and printer ports, a PC card slot and an IrDA interface.

The MAS2S (System) version is the solution for stationary computer systems. It features a CompactFlash (Type II) and a 16/32-bit PC card (one Type III or two Type II) slot, TV input/output (NTSC/PAL) and one to three 100/10Base T-LAN interfaces.

The board also incorporates universal ports such as four COM, one printer, two USB and two firewire ports in addition to a 36-bit LCD connection.

Both MAS2 versions support 32MB to a maximum of 256MB SDRAM. The boards are equipped with an SMI721 graphics controller with 4MB video RAM and support resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels with 256 colours.

Further technical features include a watchdog timer, an integrated RTC battery (3.6V/400mA), EEPROM support up to 1k, a PC/104 expansion bus and the ESS1988 PCI audio function.

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