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BACKPLANE Systems Technology has announced the release of Digital-Logic's embedded smartModule with a 300MHz Geode GX1 processor, the SMGXPC.

This PC module is compatible with the PC/480 standard and uses the highly integrated Geode GX1 processor from National Semiconductor.

The smartModule SMGXPC features a very small footprint of 66mm x 85mm with a flat, low profile design. It has a clock frequency of up to 300MHz and supports 16MB to 128MB of SODIMM SDRAM.

The smartModule features two USB interfaces and an optional LAN interface (82559ER). The standard version includes interfaces for two hard disks, floppy disk, keyboard, mouse, printer and TTL ports at COM1 and COM2.

The SMGXPC uses the integrated graphics unit of the Geode processor and is equipped with 1MB video RAM and an 18-bit VGA LCD interface. It offers resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels with 256 colours.

Additional technical features include a watchdog timer, advanced power-management functions, a connection for an external RTC battery, EEPROM support up to 1024 bytes and AC97 compatible audio function.

The SMGXPC has been designed for low power consumption applications and can operate within the standard temperature range of -25°C to +60°C without a ventilator. An optional extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C is available.

The embedded PC is tested for shock and vibration and is suitable for applications in the areas of telecommunications, computer periphery, aerospace, automotive electronics and Internet terminals.

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