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Series 3000 XPIS Toxic Gas Detector from BW Technologies

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BW Technologies  announce the latest addition to the Honeywell Analytics range of gas detection systems, the Series 3000 XPIS.  

The Series 3000 XPIS toxic gas detector has been developed for the detection of toxic gases and oxygen in a 2-wire 4-20mA format.  

This wiring configuration is ideal for retrofitting two wire devices including the Sieger Series 2000 range of 2-wire toxic gas transmitters.  

With a flameproof hazardous area approval, the transmitter can be wired alongside other flameproof field instruments. This removes the need to segregate field cabling, which is required when located in areas alongside other Intrinsically Safe (IS) certified transmitters.  

An IS transmitter/ sensor connection permits ‘hot swap’ sensor exchange without the need to down power the transmitter. This reduces downtime during sensor replacement procedures.  

Magnetic switches permit configuration and calibration without the need to open the enclosure or obtain a hot work permit.  

The Series 3000 XPIS toxic gas detector uses smart gas sensors, which are supplied pre-configured.  

Intelligent software automatically configures the transmitter when the sensor is plugged in.  

Onboard diagnostics provides valuable information during operation and fault finding routines.  

Patented ‘Reflex’ sensor test algorithms ensure sensing elements are fitted and operational at all times.  

The sensor can be mounted remotely up to 15m away from the transmitter with its integral gas concentration display. This configuration is ideal for industrial applications wherein the point of detection is in an area where the transmitter would not be visible, e.g. in high or low level concealed areas or outside a room being monitored.  

Series 3000 XPIS is ATEX, UL and CSA certified.  

Detectable gases include oxygen, hydrogen, sulphide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and sulphur dioxide. Further releases will include chlorine, chlorine dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, ozone and phosphine.

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