Commercial Gas Detection Solutions from Honeywell Analytics


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Commercial Gas Detection Solutions

Although often considered low risk, commercial industries and applications still require gas detection solutions, especially commercial kitchens, hospitals, and properties.

Honeywell Analytics supply a range of fixed and non fixed commercial gas detection solutions for all industries and applications. Units are customisable, enabling individual needs to be met with a tailor made solution. 

The range includes commercial gas detectors from brands Vulcain and Manning

E3 Point

An intelligent toxic/combustible gas monitor capable of detecting the widest range of gases found in commercial buildings spaces. 

Manning Airscan IR-F9

An infrared sensor that responds to refrigerants over the range of 0-3000 ppm and continually monitors sensor performance for total piece of mind. 

Manning Airscan EC-F9

Featuring ammonia detection technology, the Manning Airscan™ EC-F9 includes a built-in system to monitor and predict the sensors electrical viability.

The range of Vulcain Controllers, among other things, offer improved efficiency. Models include:

Vulcain 301C

For the continuous monitor and control of toxic gases, combustible gases, and oxygen hazards, the Vulcain 301C is designed for simplified installation and operation.

Vulcain 301EM

This expansion module acts as a controller for up to four remote refrigerant sensors and suits a variety of gas detection system solutions.


Honeywell Analytics also supply a range of gas detectors including; fixed gas detection, toxic gas detection, portable gas detection and flame detection for a plethora of industries.

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