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Driers available from BV Products (Australia)

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BV Products (Australia) , specialist in vibratory finishing machines and surface improvement equipment,  introduces its range of driers, specifically designed to operate with BV’s mass finishing machines.

An essential part of the complete mass finishing solution,  these driers ensure that the various parts stay dry and stain and corrosion free following the mass finishing process. This is particularly important if parts are to be painted or plated as a final operation.

The Vibratory Cob Driers, particularly used in batch and continuous drying, are ideally suited to stain-free drying and secondary polishing of components by use of a vibrating, heated cob drying media.
Designed to be used with drying media (cob) or fan-forced hot air, the BV Drum Driers transport parts through a constantly rotating, perforated drum.  These driers are suited to small to medium size components and parts that can cause carry out of cob in conventional vibratory cob driers.

Hot air driers fan force hot air over a stainless steel mesh belt carrying the parts through the machine. Particularly suited to the drying of parts where drying cob can lodge or carry out with the parts, these driers are also useful for large parts or delicate parts where surface impingement must be avoided.

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