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Transmitters offered by BTG Australia

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BTG Australia  offers gamut of services like tissue service package, Yankee surveys, blade holder settings, vibration monitoring, edge build-up cleaning solutions and more. Blade holder settings are provided to optimise machine tissue quality. Like wise, for evaluating problem areas in any operation, vibration monitoring is used by BTG Australia. To optimise blade use and Yankee efficiency, edge build-up cleaning solutions are offered.

Additionally, BTG Australia provides several models of transmitters like TCT-2302, TCT-2301 and more. Total consistency transmitter supplied by BTG Australia is the in-line transmitter that exactly measures all fillers, fibres and fines. These transmitters make use of BTG Australia’s patented Peak Method of optical analysis and do not require maintenance. TCT-2302 enhances various process steps, including screening, cyclone cleaning, consistency control, floatation and retention aid control. These are easy to install and extremely fast equipment.

Some of the specialised consistency transmitter models offered by BTG Australia are OCT-2300, MEK-2300, MIC-2310 and more. OCT-2300 has high consistency sensitivity and low flow sensitivity, including protection from pulp debris, which ensures undisturbed functioning. MIC-2310 is simple to start and offers fast replacement without recalibration. SBT-2400 is another model of consistency transmitter offered by BTG Australia with smart type static blade.

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