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Wilkuro Safety Toes from BSafe Safety Products

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Wilkuro Safety Toes provide good occasional toe protection at an affordable price. The Wilkuro Safety Toe is an alternative to steel toe shoes.

Wilkuro Safety Toes are good steel toe shoe solution, which is ideal in any environment where there is risk of accidental toe damage or where steel toe shoe cap is required.

Designed to fit comfortably over soft-toed shoes, including runners and even low-heeled dress shoes, Wilkuro Safety Toes are a good alternative to steel toe safety shoes.

Order them for casual or temporary workers, visitors to a plant, sales persons, executives or clerical staff.

Unlike standard steel-toed safety shoes, the Wilkuro Safety Toes can be passed from person to person without hygiene concerns.

The Wilkuro Safety Toes are compact, can be easily stored, and their colour-coded steel toes make their sizes easy to identify. Rebag them and toss them in a briefcase, and they will be available whenever needed.

The Wilkuro Safety Toes are even ideal for home use and are great for gardeners.

The Wilkuro Safety Toes are available from BSafe Safety Products .

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