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New line of body protection products from BSafe Safety Products

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article image GEL Knee Comfort 865-00

BSafe Safety Products  has introduced a new line of body protection products that are now available at its online store.

Among the items available online will be the new vibration protection gloves using Air Bubble Glove Technology, designed to reduce vibration energy transmission to the palm and fingers.

The features of Air Bubble Glove Technology include a non-permeable polymer bladder with 160 individual cells that provides effectiveness that would not degenerate, meets ISO Standard 10819:1996 and ANSI S3.40-2002.

Also on display at the BSafe Safety Products’ online store is a knee protector, the GEL Knee Comfort 865-00.

The GEL Knee Comfort 865-00 is an all terrain gel knee pad, with a donut-shaped GEL filled liner, rubber snap on cover with extended feet and heel and adjustable dual straps with buckle and hook and loop closure.

The GEL Knee Comfort 865-00 helps prevent knee and hip joint stress, reduces pressure directly on the patella bone and will not scruff or mark delicate surfaces.

Also on display will be the new Ergonomic Air Support Technology Air Belt, designed to not only effectively support the back but to cushion and stabilise as well.

Inflatable multi-celled chambers conform to the user’s back when air is added, providing lumbar support and reducing muscular discomfort.

The Ergonomic Air Support Technology Air Belt can be worn inside or outside of clothing, promotes muscle relaxation, improves posture alignment and supports the lower back.

Studies indicate that the use of the air belt will lessen pain associated with low-back injury and help increase expression of previous strength and flexibility, thus facilitating a return to normal daily activities. Various air belt models are available.

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