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Impacto Knee Pads from BSafe Safety Products

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Continuous pressure on the knee due to working in a kneeling position may lead to chronic conditions such as injury to the cartilage. The use of knee pads is an effective way to reduce the occurrence of knee injuries.

The new range of Impacto Knee Pads provides a viable solution to workers to help prevent knee injuries and the onset of cumulative trauma to the knee.

Some features and benefits of the Impacto Knee Pads are the following:

  • Cover: Co-polymer thermoplastic rubber prevents marring and scratching. Snap-on covers for versatility and easy cleaning, available in a hard/smooth clear plastic for easy sliding or with durable leather where heat is a concern. Also available with a sewn on cover to keep debris out and keep the knee pad in place while rocking on the knee
  • Elevated face: Improves stability and traction, absorbs impact
  • Extended feet: Absorbs pressure around the perimeter of the knee
  • Extended heel: Supports the shin and helps distribute body weight and reduces stress on the ankles
  • Padding: Designed to reduce pressure directly on the patella bone
  • Ballistic nylon outer cover: Highly resistant for most environments
  • Dual Straps: Spaced to reduce bunching, hook/loop and snap closure for easy fastening.
  • Heavy Duty Binding: Assures long lasting wear.

Impacto Knee Pad range includes the new 878-00 GELite Knee Comfort knee pads, which have a blend of infused Gel foam polymer padding that helps disperse pressure away from the patella bone.

Impacto Knee Pads are available from BSafe Safety Products .

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