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HexArmor food service gloves from BSafe Safety Products

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NXT 10-302 is the next innovation in high performance gloves. The NXT Series gloves, available from BSafe Safety Products  utilise the HexArmor TruShield Design Performance platform, an armour platform with impressive cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance.

Developed for use in food service and processing applications and other off-hand cutting applications, the NXT 10-302 gloves protect from mechanical hazards. NXT products take high dexterity gloves to another level of comfort, feel, and high performance protection. 

This product has the HEX ARMOR innovative TruShield Performance Design Difference. SuperFabric brand material and Cortek fibre provide five times more cut-resistance, and eleven times more abrasion-resistance than traditional HDPE gloves. The shielding design of fibres and SuperFabric plating reduce the ability of sharp objects and burs from penetrating and causing injury. 

The Quadstretch design technology provides an incredible feel compared to other bulky cut resistant gloves, while Coretek fibre keeps hands cool and comfortable while providing dexterity and all around cut protection. The gloves are launderable and can be sanitized. HexArmor products offer cut protection through the innovative configuration of SuperFabric technology which provides resistance to lacerations and slashes.

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