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BSafe Safety Products distribute Ejendals Tegera 9105 gloves

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A study on hand protection by Ejendals at Monark Exercise AB in Vansbro, Sweden confirms that it is possible to reduce total costs. The study results show that the use of hand protection by employees increased production with fewer hand injuries and reduced absence due to illness. The gloves used in this study were the Ejendals Tegera 9105. They are EN388 certified and tested for abrasive resistance, cutting resistance, tearing strength and puncturing resistance. BSafe Safety Products distribute Ejendals range of safety gloves.

Monark Exercise AB in Vansbro, Sweden manufacture bicycle ergometers, which in some sections require assembly of very small components. This places high demands on fingertip sensitivity.

The study was conducted using eight employees who had not used protective gloves during installation work before. With the study, Ejendals aimed at preparing a method for quantifying the total financial outcome from optimising hand safety within the manufacturing industry. This refers to the total profit and cost of increased productivity and fewer hand injuries. The study shows the profit and savings achieved due to proper hand protection.

In the study, employees test the ability to screw, pick, get a grip on, turn and identify different objects with their hands with and without gloves. The result showed an almost 19% production increase when gloves were used. The greatest difference was observed in the improved screwing ability and the increased turning force.

During the study, employees were continually filling in test protocols about, among other things, grip, finger tip sensitivity, comfort, fit and how frequently gloves were used. Erik Gropgard of Ejendals points out that production increase is only calculated for four hours a day when test subjects used the gloves as part of an eight hour work shift. If this is converted to money, it would be a mater of about SEK 4.35 (approx. AUD 0.74) per working hour during an eight hour shift. The anticipated reduction of costs after improving safety was SEK 13,000 (approx. AUD 2192.00) on an annual basis for a work team of 8 persons.

If the results are calculated for the total number of hours in a work shift, this would mean 8 persons X 1640 hours X SEK 3.96/hour (AUD 0.68/hour) which is an improvement of approximately SEK 52,000 (approx AUD 8700.00) on an annual basis.

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