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New supply chain management specification

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BSI Group Australia and New Zealand  announces a new PAS 7000 Supply Chain Management specification that will help organisations select supply chain partners that comply with their own Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) policies.

To be developed in the form of a BSI Publicly Available Specification (PAS), the new specification addresses safety and quality discrepancies within the supply chain.

BSI is currently seeking to engage with topic experts on an international basis and reach consensus about GRC implications for the supply chain for key stakeholders within the global supply chain community.

What is a PAS?

A PAS is a form of standardisation that has particular value in topic areas that have not previously been the subject of a standardisation approach, for which the introduction of a new standard could bring rapid benefit.

Why get involved?

PAS will be particularly beneficial for organisations that have complex supply chains. It is certain that any organisation operating procurement processes for materials, components, products or services will find the topic relevant.

Benefits of PAS 7000

The new PAS specification is expected to: recognise, incorporate and further enhance available good practice models developed by global GRC experts; serve as a statement of current best practice in the field of GRC; help organisations to determine essential GRC requirements to be embodied throughout their supply chains; facilitate the establishment of appropriate business relationships with supply chain partners; determine a commonly agreed terminology for GRC in the supply chain; use commonly agreed GRC objectives to establish a pre-qualification process that will reduce the administrative burden of setting up supply chains; and provide guidance for small, medium and large organisations in the planning and implementation of fundamental GRC strategies throughout their supply chains.


The primary objectives for the development of the new PAS will be to: make it possible for organisations to readily acquire knowledge of the GRC capability of their supply chain, collectively and individually; enable the provision of the information required to meet this objective by potential supply chain partners of all sizes, without the need for completion of different questionnaires all seeking the same information; and support the development of a common database, containing input from potential supply chain partners that is accessible and manageable.

How can you get involved?

Any company interested in contributing to this project by either forming part of the review committee or certifying to this PAS should contact info.aus@bsigroup.com.

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