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BSI Product Certification and Testing for Standards Approval

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BSI Group Australia  offers the Benchmark in Product Certification accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).  

Displaying BSI’s Benchmark Product Certification Mark is invaluable to any business in today’s competitive market where quality, excellence and adherence to rigorous standards are critical.  

Associating the business organisation and brand with the Benchmark Product Certification Mark is indicative of an internationally recognised mark that is associated with excellence and best practice.  

Once the business is certified, it can promote its registration on BSI’s global client directory as well as the JAS-ANZ directory to demonstrate to potential clients the validity of its registration.  

Registered businesses will also be allowed to display the prestigious BSI Benchmark Product Certification Mark on compliant products and use it to publicise their achievement to clients, vendors and stakeholders alike.  

Advantages of working with the BSI team 

  • Prompt and professional service
  • No license, labelling or other hidden costs: BSI does not charge any royalty fees  
  • Dedicated client managers
  • Expert staff to assist every step of the way
  • Part of a truly global company

Why BSI Groups Product Certification?

The 6-Step Benchmark Product Certification Process is designed to make the certification process simple, quick and painless.  

BSI’s extensive network of Client Managers and offices can support businesses with their Product Certification needs throughout the Oceania Region, Asia, Europe and the Americas.  

BSI’s client managers are carefully matched to specific areas of business to ensure consistency of experience and expertise that enables the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.  

The 6-Step Benchmark Product Certification Process 

  • Step 1: Test the products to the relevant Standard using a recognised independent testing laboratory
  • Step 2: Provide a copy of test reports to BSI for review
  • Step 3: BSI undertakes an on-site assessment of the manufacturing process and quality management system
  • Step 4: BSI issues a report identifying deficiencies (if any) for correction
  • Step 5: BSI issues a certificate of Product Certification and schedule of certified products (valid for 3 years) as well as guidelines on use of the Benchmark Product Certification mark on conformant products
  • Step 6: BSI undertakes an annual on-site review and issues a report 

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